Friday, February 1, 2013


"I want a REAL book about dragons-- a book with facts and photos so I can learn about them..." If I had a nickle for every time I have been asked this question by my researchers I would build my own library!

It is one of my favorite questions with METIS on our horizon. The question came yesterday and I was delighted (and challenged) to find that we had 166 books in our collection with "dragon" in the record. I was able to quickly pull the picture books and fiction that was here this morning. When the researchers arrived I had changed the call number in Destiny, created and printed white "P DRAGON" labels and just needed to affix the pink P TALES sticker and tape them.

The researchers jumped in to assist and in minutes we had a whole shelf's worth of P DRAGON books.

Fire-breathing breathtaking! 

These in the moment efforts to meet the immediate needs of my patrons is the reason we have such high circulation, AND the reason the often feels so unwieldy.  The 500 books I cataloged the other day are still sitting there waiting but my students are not asking for books about countries right now.  I will be ready for them when they do :)