Tuesday, November 13, 2012

True v. Not ture

I was always challenged in putting tooth fairy, santa and leprechaun books in with fantasy-- telling a second grader Santa was not real has never been comfortable. Now that we have labels to designate true/not true so clearly, I am still concerned. There may be some categories I avoid...

In the meantime I am excited that the second phase of the re-cataloging is about to launch: the labels are here (green=true, red=fake)! METIS includes a designation sticker for true/not true books. I am likely NOT going to do this for the whole collection, but in may sections it will be useful. As I explain the process to teachers, I have even had several ask... "Can we help?". Kids are taught to determine between fact and fiction and what better opportunity to get 'er done?! I am plotting the layout: stations, a pile of books, a sticker station, an "i dunno" table, a label protector station, shelvers. Aahhhh, ti's all coming together.