Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Step Ahead

Parts of this process are not graceful! I have several reliable volunteers who come in every week to pull, label, or change the spine labels for titles I have identified as "Next" in this process (usually because they are popular, but sometimes because I need to move them for another part of the collection).

I am struggling in keeping one step in front of my dutiful volunteers!

Since they each know different parts of the process, they each need a little work station (space is at a bit of a premium) with individualized supplies. The flow is clumsy and communication unreliable.  I want a separate work room to pile, sort, and process in order and with completion! Kids were making book choices off the processing cart today... While I am always pleased to check out any book to a child, I feel like it would be so much more efficient to complete the 3-4 things that have to happen to each book in one sitting. Realistic?? Is this how I should spend next summer?? Maybe this organized chaos is part of the beauty of the transition to METIS and I am missing it completely? Do I need to do another training and expand the breadth of their understanding so they will function more independently? YIKES!

For now, baby steps. I am not identifying new areas until the 5-6 we have started are more complete. I will create communication systems with my volunteers so I can know where they left off. (I have a big notebook, but it is cumbersome)... Keeping everyone (including the many OTHER volunteers that wander through up to speed is tricky, too-- they all are not reading this blog)... but maybe this signage will help!