Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buckets, buckets, buckets...

I have used white dish tubs to organize the picture books in the library by author. As we launch into this new way of organization, I though the buckets could be re-purposed for the new system.... so this morning I moved all 4000 picture books onto shelves and have started gathering the METIS buckets on top... two systems for a while. It will be a miracle if I do not send anyone who works in this room over the edge.

As I rounded the corner, dumping buckets, I started paying attention to titles... "Oh, this is 'O CHRISTMAS'; this is 'U SCARY TALES' and this is 'P GOOSE'". Some of these decisions are intuitive and will come naturally. Others, I am sure, and as others have warned will cause angst. For now, the simple, the clear, the obvious.