Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Steps

We have a notebook which is organized by categories. I am printing lists from the library catalog and editing them title by title for the volunteers and library staff who are pulling, re-labelling, and changing the records. It is very tricky to do while school is in session, but I have an amazing group pf supporters who have been willing to blindly follow my lead and seem committed to the process.

I began with the sections students aks for the most, like truck books. We pull, relabel and change the records. It is always an exercise in balancing what we know about our patrons with what makes sense.

The children here are young and many are not yet reading well. Multiple categories may make the system more cumbersome. Clumping dirt bikes with motorcycles, for example, seems to make sense for now. 

It is October, so after the vehicles we began looking for holiday books. I had a volunteer, but you could use a class of students, go through the picture books and pull anything with a holiday v. seasonal cover (Christmas tree, ghost, valentine, pilgrim). The piles accumulated very quickly, but we have a separate work space and seem to be managing.