Monday, October 22, 2018


When we first made the switch to METIS several years ago there seemed to be many books written about women-- women scientists, women athletes. Originally, we put them in sections L (USA) or M (Countries) labeled just as L WOMEN or M WOMEN. I think this is not how children think nor how they search. There is no curriculum that teachers by gender and I can no longer justify sorting that way.

I pulled the entire collection in each section 40-50 books and have just finished recataloging them, yes, again. This is the beauty of this system-- we can make changes with the times and with the needs of our learners.

I now have First Wives in L PRESIDENT FIRST LADY; Many got moves to our historical section. Several were moved to K ACTIVIST or K SCIENTIST. I am relieved as I feel like this better serves my students whose sensitivities to gender might be exacerbated by my previous method.

Friday, November 13, 2015

D Nature

This weeks conundrum: D WEATHER SNOW; D WEATHER RAIN and the likie include blizzard and floods.  We also have D DISASTER EARTHQUAKE; D DISASTER VOLCANO.

We believe that the students who want to read about earthquakes and volcanos would also appreciate reading about other weather related disasters like floods and hurricanes, so we shelved them there. Blizzards stayed with weather because, as Marieta says, "I can drive through a blizzard..."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Hooray for LiberryGirls! I met three of the most spectacular libes today from the North Country-- here is a shout out to Sandy and Kathy and Kathy! They came to visit to learn about organizing their collection in a way that makes sense to children-- a system that allows young 'uns to browse independently-- a method which is flexible and intuitive and adaptable... Yay, Metis!

Monday, November 3, 2014


I am really struggling with these Zoobooks. I will recatalog them to become E ZOO, I think.  Right now they are in magazine holders, each in a transparent file folder and loosely alphabetized... I have them in the animal section but not individually shelved with each volume's respective animal. I worry that if I intershelve them they will get lost-- they are flimsy and more fragile than hardcover books. If I don't intershelve them they don't circulate! Grrrr. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"I want a book about surgery..." I am thinking J BODY, but have learned that the immediate redirect is less than typically successful, so I asked "You know someone having surgery?" "Yup" she responds, "stitches." OOhhhh-- now I get it. How about K NURSES or K DOCTOR?? in my collection, the human body books are more often about health and the K COMMUNITY section has books about folks (and animals) who provide a service. I asked "do you want a book about what nurses do or a story about a nurse? "A story!!!" Nurse Clementine. Sold. ...lots of stitches.